Saturday, February 12, 2011

Featured Plant No4

Jasminium Nudiflorum

The Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is easy to grow, and accommodates poor treatment, is indifferent to soil or aspect. This is probably the main reason why Jasminum nudiflorum, the Winter Flowering Jasmine , is so often left to its own devices in life - other than receiving the odd (!) cutting back.
 It is usually grown as a wall or pergola/trellis shrub, and is certainly magnificent on a sunny wall, where the wood can ripen ready to burst into flower in the depth of winter - or from mid-autumn. It is not called the Winter flowering Jasmine for nothing.
It responds well to a little bit of attention by way of feeding and 'proper' pruning- which simply means cutting out some old wood now and again and keeping it within bounds. Simply cut back the flowered shoots, to below where the flowering started - as soon as possible after flowers have finished
It can also be grown as a shrub - of lax habit but can be useful bank cover.
Propagation  is easy. Simply peg down a few of the arching stems and cut from parent once rooted.

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