Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip to Molino de Inca botanic gardens

Carol recently arranged a visit for club members to El Molino de Inca a botanical garden near Torremolinos. The visit was a huge success, the gardens truly delightful and well worth the visit. The garden's main attraction is it's collection of palms with over 80 different species on show.

The name “Molino de Inca” originated from a licence obtained by Joseph de Inca Sotomayor in 1700 for the construction of two flour mills to be powered by the “Manantial de Torremolinos” (Torremolinos Springs), “Manantial del Albercón” (Albercon Springs), “Manantial de Inca” (Inca Springs) and the “Manantial de La Cueva” (La Cueva Springs).

The Garden, which was designed by the municipal technician Manuel Simón, was opened to the public in Spring 2003. With over 70 species of palm trees, it is one of mainland Spain’s top three outdoor public palm gardens.

The garden’s most interesting trees include an enormous Eucalyptus and a one-hundred year-old Araucaria of more than 50 metres in height, which is located in the centre of a maze.

This garden does not overawe as perhaps La Concepion tends to with it's sheer size and scope. It's a welcoming place with easy access for all and no daunting walks. Parking is plentiful and close. One slight drawback-vending machines only but there is a decent bar/restaurant on the way out/in, please feel free to add comments.