Monday, December 6, 2010

Featured Plant No2

Abelia Grandiflora

Description - Abelia x grandiflora
A medium sized usually -evergreen shrub, Abelia x grandiflora has lightly scented, white flowers lightly tinged with pink throughout  summer. These flowers are long lasting and contrast well against the dark green, glossy leaves. A superb choice of shrub for planting as part of a mixed border or against a wall or fence. At this time of year it’s foliage has turned russet red and along with the still present flowers it makes for a striking specimen plant.
Definitely not fussy as to siting or soil it requires little attention beyond a spring tidy up- removing some old wood. Fertilizing and watering requirements are light and mine has yet to suffer from any frost or wind damage

Summer flowering is very prolific although the individual flowers are quite small and the overall appearance is very pleasing. A definite bee magnet.
Height and spread approx 2-3 metres

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